I'm kelly, a graphic designer based in Whitley Bay, a lovely little seaside town near the bustle of Newcastle. With 22 years experience in print, I specialize in all areas of design from magazines, brochures, advertising and logo's/branding.
I love transforming 'pictures and words' to enable a stronger brand presence and collaborating with aspirational people, building strong relationships with clients to understand their markets and who they are communicating with.
I’m passionate about what I do and I've worked with clients in many sectors, from leading publishers nationwide to start-up businesses, so my clients are varied which has lead me to having experience in all areas.
If you have a project that you think i can help you achieve, please feel free to contact me, we can grab a coffee or ice cream :) and discuss you ideas further.
Contact me at kelly@kfcreative.co.uk

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